Once, while on holiday in England, Neill cycled from the East Coast to the Lleyn Peninsula in Wales but he really got seriously in to cycling in 2000 when he joined a group of colleagues who were cycling across the Alps. Since then he has also been bitten by the road bike bug with the longest trip being 900 kms to Poland.

Take a look at  the cartoon here and you will understand why it is all such fun.

Neill and Mountainbike on the Alpspitz Grat

In 2004 Neill started cycling with the TV Nesselwang Fitness Group whenever time allows and now cycles at least twice a week when possible. Once again, living at the foot of the Alps is a huge advantage and allows us to cycle straight from the doorstep into some fantastic scenery.

Max also caught the addiction and now cycles with the cycle group and his own friends. He has beaten his Dad's long distance record by cycling to England.

Both Max and Neill keep a record of their rides in their blogs. These link to the routes and photographs.

TV Nesselwang cycle trip
TV Nesselwang cycle trip
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