Lake Garda


Three days and nearly 200 kilometers of cycling with the cycle group through the mountains around Lake garda in Italy.

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/075.jpgThe first day we left shortly after reaching the hotel and enjoyed a superb trip along steep mountain tracks and old military roads high above the lake. From Limona we had to use the main road back to Riva which was less fun.

The second day we headed north and after crossing the first mountain of the day cooled off in Lake Tenno. After that we had another long climb and then an adrenalin pumping single trail folowed by a long tarmac descent to Riva during which we overtook everything that got in our way!

The third day was Tremalzo. One of us started from the Hotel at the north end of the lake (Hero!) while others began by the lake in Limona. The ladies used the bus for the first 500 metres of climb.

During our Alpencross Tour in 2000 Tremalzo had been the final mountain on the final day and I had thought that I was going to die. I have obviously come a long way because I actually enjoyed the climb this time. The route with its winding route and tunnels is a dream.

The descent was taken at a totally irresponsible speed as always. Adrenalin pure!


Once again the bike group from TV Nesselwang was back at Lake Garda in Italy. Hopsing had already been to carry out a reconnaissance and promised tours such as we had never dreamed of.

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/MLNA0044.JPGThe first afternoon we did a "short tour" to get warm. The high point of the day was a descent down a dried up stream bed called Adrenaline or something similar. Fantastic! Only three of us tried to ride, the rest pushed. Steep - with big rocks and drops. Fun pure!

Once we were back in Riva a few of us cycled back up to get the buses. Jon and I got lost and ended up in Pregasina with beautiful views out across the lake.

Today was the second day cycling at Lake Garda. The weather was overcast but that soon changed to pouring rain. Luckily we managed to avoid the worst by hiding under a tunnel next to a church.

The route was superb with lots of tracks through thick forest. There should have been good views as well but all we saw was mist.

By the end of the tour we were all soaked through but had proved that while any one can cycle in the sun we can also cycle in the rain.

Today was our third day at Lake Garda and the crowning tour of the entire summer. Two thousand meters of climbing around Monte Caplone, nearly 60 kilometres of distance and amazing scenery. Once again the weather was overcast so that we missed the most spectacular views but none the less an amazing tour following First World War tracks around cliffs and through tunnels.

We were on our way for eight and a half hours and spent six of those actually cycling. In those six hours we only met another eight cyclists and for long stretches saw absolutely no one.

This photograph shows the scale of the scenery. In the middle you can just make out a cyclist (Hopsing) far below.

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