Geocaching in Portugal

I was in Portugal for my sister's wedding so took the descriptions of a few Geocaches with me in the hope of having time to try a few.

Having visited the "End of the World" (Cape St Vincent) with my mother I then told her that we were going geocaching. She was a little bemused but agreed to go along.

Ponta da Piedade

PortugalThe first cache that we aimed for was the Ponta da Piedade near Lagos. The cache is very easy with no clues to solve and about a fifty meter walk from the car. We walked straight to the cache and, having lifted it, signed the log book.

After hiding the cache again we then continued on round the lighthouse to be presented with fantastic views out across the Atlantic and of stacks and caves just off shore. A staircase led down to a bay where we could have taken a boat trip. We decided not to bother though.\r\n\r\nOnce again Geocaching led me to a beautiful place that I would not otherwise have visited.

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Old dam Wall

After our success with the first cache of the day we drove inland following the pointer on my GPS receiver towards the cache Old dam Wall. We parked the car as instructed and then set off across an open heath. My mother was only wearing sandals which made the stony ground and prickly undergrowth a challenge.

We quickly reached the correct spot at the old dam wall but then had to spend a fair time searching before we found the cache. It was very well hidden.

For the walk out we used the obvious path which led through a small wood back to the car.

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