tl_files/hogarth/Photos/1_001.jpgAs so often before, Chris and Karin came to the rescue offering to look after kids and house for the 16 days. Thanks!

The whole summer was spent repairing the Land Rover. The neighbour took delivery of so many spares that he thought we were building a second Land Rover in the garage.

Neill bought a GPS receiver while in the US and we learnt to use it by geocaching at weekends. This turned out to be good practice as we needed the GPS a lot once in Libya. Sand ladders and other vital Sahara equipment were lent to us by an experienced Sahara friend here in Nesselwang. There was so much to be done but, having started early we were easily ready on the day.

Neill took his laptop with him and typed his report of Libya which can be read in the top section of the following pages. Alison''s handwritten diary of her daily experiences can be read below.

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