Out on Boats

Sailing in Croatia

CroatiaIn May 1998 Neill had a week off from work and family to go sailing in the Aegean off Croatia. The weather was beautiful and the area very interesting but the excitement he had been hoping for was not forthcoming. The skipper was at that time still gaining experience and kept the ship in harbour when the wind really got up. Despite that it was a fun and relaxing way to spend a week.

Sailing on the Forgensee

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/1.jpgIt was a sunny afternoon on the Forgensee and the family was introduced to the delights of sailing

This is the perfect family sport. Those who wish to can get involved while those who want a quieter life can lie back, relax and enjoy the scenery

Update 2014: The picture showed a very young Max already assuming the role of skipper while Rhiannon was firmly "crew". Max is now also a qualified boat skipper so this year we had a few more trips round the lake. Sailing is still a fantastic team sport.

Motorboating in Portugal

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/b_4039.jpgAt Neill''s sister''s wedding in Portugal Dave Shelton offered to take us out in a friends boat the next day. Having rounded up the nephews, Tom and Gus, we drove to the marina in Lagos, filled up with fuel and then headed out in to the Atlantic. The sea was very choppy which made for a fun journey across to the estuary leading to the fishing port of Alvor. Once in to the estuary the sea was a lot calmer.

On reaching the port we moored the boat and adjourned to a neighbouring bar for lunch and something to drink.

When we left to head back to Lagos we only got about one kilometer and the engine cut out. It would idle but died if we tried to rev it. We were drifting towards the shore and therefore had to anchor while we looked for the problem. We also tried the outboard motor but that had exactly the same symptons which suggested a problem with the fuel or with the tank filter.

Eventually we had to hail the british boat next to us and the owner used his dinghy to take Dave back to the village where he persuaded a fisherman to tow us back to the port. Once in the harbour we moored the boat again and then caught a taxi home.

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