Trend Sport Weekend

The Ski Club Nesselwang organized a trend sport weekend at the Allgäu Trend Sport Center. Jon's Adventures entered two teams, the first of which consisted of Heidi, Sepp and Jon, the second was Moni Karin K. and Neill.

The competition had three disciplines which were to run 700 meters then fire a rifle (as in biathlon) and then a bow and arrow and finally collapse across the finishing line. It was a relay race so the three people followed each other with the times being added together. There were also 15 seconds added to your time for each shot missed with the rifle and with the bow and arrow.

Heidi Shooting
Heidi on the shooting range

Unfortunately not many teams took place so Team 2 managed to reach fourth place more or less by default. Team 1 did much better and came second (just). Once all the times and the added 15 seconds were added together, they were exactly 0.9 seconds slower than the winning team from the Ski school.

A fun way to spend an afternoon.

Karin and Neill practicing with bow and arrow

Some more photos are on my Picasa photo album here.

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