As the proud owners of a land Rover we had to undertake an "expedition" to somewhere this summer so after much thought chose Wales as our destination.

tl_files/hogarth/Photos/12.jpgHaving filled every space to capacity and loading three bikes and a bike trailer on to the roof, we left home and headed to Holland where we spent a few days with some friends (thanks again Jackie and Simon!). From Holland we caught a huge catamaran ferry across the North Sea and then travelled on to stay with Alison's Mum in Suffolk. From there we crossed to Shropshire and stayed with some other friends (thanks again too Caroline and John!) before the final leg of the outwards journey to a farm in the hills above Harlech

The weather while we were in Wales varied between overcast and rain so we spent too little time on the beach and too much in museums, exhibitions and other expensive places. John and Caroline also came over to Wales for a few days so one day John, Neill, Max and Christopher (their son) climbed to the summit of the 720 meter high Rhinog Fawr via the Roman Steps. Rhinog Fawr is a steep and very rocky mountain and definitely more than a walk. Both the boys managed with no problems though and the two minutes of view before the clouds closed in made it all worth while. Caroline and Alison took the opportunity to visit Portmeirion Italian village with the smaller children (remember in 10 years Caroline?!).

After our ten days in Wales we visited some more friends in Bristol (thanks again this time to Annette and Peter) and then Neill's sister on the south coast (thanks Pip!). After a Hovercraft trip across the channel we stayed a few more days in Holland (saved us again there, Simon and Jackie!) before returning home about a month after leaving.

Larry and Family
Larry and family
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